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Individuum is the smart end to end recruitment platform for employers.

We work across the entire recruitment funnel, from the moment an application is sent and help both candidates & companies along the process until the signing of contracts to help all parties quickly and efficiently.
The INDIVIDUUM platform was built to enable transparency, so that both sides can directly contact and build relationships with each other - without the need for middlemen. We enable a speedy, data driven, analytical approach - taking away the hassles of the recruitment process and adopting a smarter & holistic approach.

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How Individuum works

Brand your company

Easily create your company profile in less than 5 minutes. Showcase your company brand & history to a YOUNG AUDIENCE & stand out! THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD target An UNIVERSITY CAREER DAY, a fair or an alumni network but only digital.

Attract & engage the talents you need

Freely chose between using Individuum as your tailored JOB BOARD OR AS YOUR PERSONAL HEADHUNTING SERVICE by searching the. YOU have full ownership of the process and access TO A POOL OF OVER 12.000 STUDENTS, GRADUATES AND YOUNG PROFESSIONALS. Engage them directly by messaging them or setting up a live streamed video interview in your browser & share it with your team by synchronizing your agenda.

Seal the deal & focus on what matters

STOP LOSING TIME due to unnecessary WAITING. IMMEDIATELY follow up with the interviewee or set up a new round of interviews. IF you find THE RIGHT FIT, don’t waste time. Seal the deal and EXCHANGE CONTRACTS digitally through this friendly platform.




Michel Hoffmann is a 23-year old entrepreneur born and raised in Luxembourg. His major was Human Sciences while doing his studies in Luxembourg. Being a digital native, he knows exactly how youngsters use, perceive and browse the web. Combining these two subjects led him to co-founding Individuum because of the existing gap between baby boomers, generation X and millennials.

Afshin Moayed


Afshin is a Co-Founder of Individuum and leads the UK market. A social scientist by training with a Bsc Sociology from City University London, Afshin had the opportunity to study in depth the dynamics of the labour market and their social impacts, with a specific focus on youth unemployment in the UK and Luxembourg. His understanding of the socio-economic dynamics of the labour market led him to co-founding Individuum. Previous Projects & Experiences: involved managing a family holding company, and previous internships in private banking & real estate, as well as investing in high growth B2C startups in North America.